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This dog kennel adopts the separable design of the kennel pad, and the middle pad can be taken out, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement. The outer surface of the pet nest is imitation super soft, the pet contact surface is crystal super soft fabric, and the filling is white high-elastic PP cotton. Suitable for cats, chihuahuas, teddy, poodles, golden retrievers and other large, medium and small dogs.

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Cleaning Method:
1. Machine wash
* Fold the kennel roll into the mesh bag and put it into the washing machine;
*Use general detergent and clean at room temperature;
* Dry naturally after cleaning, do not use tumble drying, do not iron.
2. Hand wash
*Put the kennel flat into the bathtub, use general household detergent, and soak for 20-30 minutes at room temperature;
* Gently squeeze by hand or step on foot;

*Squeeze and let the water run dry after cleaning, let it dry naturally, do not iron.



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